Tribology conferences, symposia, seminars and courses (sorted by starting date)

The list is maintained by Dr G. Nikas and includes events with clear tribological connection and webpages in English. To add a missing event to the list or suggest a correction, e-mail Dr Nikas.




4th International Brazilian Conference on Tribology
Vitoria, Brazil 26-29 November 2023
International Colloquium Tribology
Ostfildern, Germany 23-25 January 2024
28th ICIS World Base Oils and Lubricants Conference
London, England
6-8 February 2024
Tribology 2024 - Tribology International Conference
Vienna, Austria 17-19 April 2024
15th International Tribology Conference - ROTRIB '24
Bucharest, Romania 18-20 April 2024
5th International Tribology Symposium of IFToMM
Salerno, Italy 6-8 May 2024
78th STLE Annual Meeting & Exhibition
Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
19-23 May 2024
Contact Mechanics International Symposium - CMIS 2024
Lyon, France 22-24 May 2024
Lubricants, Tribology and Condition Monitoring - LUBMAT-IBERTRIB 2024
San Sebastian, Spain
18-20 June 2024
Tribology - Gordon Research Conference
Lewiston, ME, USA
23-28 June 2024
26th International Congress of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics - ICTAM 2024
(including thematic session SM02 on tribology-contact and friction)

Daegu, Korea 25-30 August 2024
7th Asia and 9th China International Conference on Tribology
Tianjin, China
14-18 September 2024
8th World Tribology Congress Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 20-25 September 2026