Tribology journals and magazines

Materials science, tribology-related journals

Tribology related and general information

  • ScienceDirect (digital library by Elsevier with over 2,000 peer-reviewed journals)

Instrument suppliers, material testing equipment

  • Anton Paar (rheometers, refractometers, viscometers, surface analysis, tribology, etc)

  • Bruker (tribology testing laboratory and provider of tribology test instrumentation)

  • DUCOM (manufacturers of material testing equipment)

  • FALEX (tribology test equipment and services)

  • Koehler (tribology instrumentation, wear and friction testing)

  • NANOVEA (profilometers, tribometers and mechanical testers)

  • PCS Instruments (suppliers of optical EHD, traction and HFR rigs; testing services)

  • PLINT (tribology products, test rig design and instruments

  • Rtec Instruments (tribometers, 3d profilometer, stress tester, atomic force microscope and other high-tech instruments)

  • SPECTRO Inc. (industrial tribology systems; instruments for used oil and fuel analysis)

  • ZYGO (3D optical surface profilometers)

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