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Dr Nikas has been a keen Fortran programmer and computer enthusiast since the 1980s, going as far as programming in Assembly language for 8086 compatible processors and batch-file programming back in the glorious days of MS-DOS. He has developed many complex programs for engineering applications. Some of these programs were developed for his research projects and have been distributed to industrial collaborators under contract with Imperial College London. Following is a list of major FORTRAN programs in chronological order of latest release.

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Rough thermoelastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis, solid mechanics, contact mechanics and performance analysis of rectangular-rounded, polymeric, hydraulic, reciprocating seals. [Related publication]
Oct 2021
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Thermoviscoplastic effects of solid contamination particles in rectangular, rolling-sliding elastohydrodynamic contacts. Three-dimensional subsurface elastic stress analysis; surface thermoviscoplastic displacements in concentrated contacts from squashing ductile debris particles; analysis of frictional heating and flash temperatures; particle entrapment analysis for rolling-sliding line contacts; analysis of tribochemical surface-layer formation as a result of dynamic thermal effects. Computation of dynamic particle forces, mean friction coefficient of the contact, plastic work and power (energy consumption) to squash a particle. [Related project]
Sep 2021
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Transient, rough, non-Newtonian, isothermal elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis and three-dimensional stress and contact fatigue analysis of toroidal Infinitely Variable Transmissions. It covers rolling-sliding-spinning, elliptical elastohydrodynamic contacts. [Related project]
Aug 2021
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Torotrak (Development) Ltd (UK)
Calculation of the geometric profile of material piling up in normal, quasi-static, elastoplastic indentation of ductile materials by spherical and conical indenters, either rigid, elastic or plastic. [Related publication]
Aug 2021
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Computation of the central and minimum film thicknesses, average and maximum contact pressures, contact dimensions, elastic deflection, and the lambda ratio of line and elliptical lubricated contacts, including corrections for thermal and roughness effects. Based on experimentally validated formulae, which are well-established in the literature.
Aug 2021
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Computation of the trajectories of disc-shaped solid micro-particles trapped in bearing contacts, based on the velocity fields of the cooperating bearing surfaces. [Related project]
Aug 2021
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
SKF (The Netherlands)
Performance analysis of porous bearing materials saturated with oil which carries disc-shaped particles acting as one-way valves on the pores under alternating normal load. [Related project]
May 2021
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Analysis of spherical particle entrapment in elastohydrodynamic, rolling-sliding, rough, rectangular and elliptical contacts.
[Related project 1] [Related project 2]
Feb 2021
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Profile optimization of hydraulic, polymeric, sliding seals to minimize an objective function of mass leakage rate, friction force and abrasive wear under leakage, friction, structural-strength and manufacturability constraints. [Related publication]
Dec 2020
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Material suction computations for single-hosed vacuum systems related to vacuum trucks and mobile vacuum equipment. Developed for the author's Greek agency of Swedish company DISAB.
Sep 2019
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Transient, smooth elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis, mechanics and performance analysis of composite seals (PTFE-elastomer-PTFE) of goalpost shape for rotary vane actuators. [Related project]
Jun 2017
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Smiths Aerospace (UK)
Trelleborg (UK)
Solid particle entrainment and entrapment analysis in elastohydrodynamic, rolling-sliding, rectangular (line) and circular (point) contacts. [Related project]
Dec 2006
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
SKF (The Netherlands)
Transient, rough, elastohydrodynamic lubrication analysis, mechanics and performance analysis of rectangular, elastomeric, reciprocating seals and back-up rings, including tandem (dual) seals. [Related project]
Jun 2004
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Smiths Aerospace (UK)
Trelleborg (UK)
Computation of the static load distribution and corresponding tooth flank modifications to minimize the dynamic loading of spur gears with general tooth flank geometry. [Related project]
Aug 1999
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)
Solution of the elastohydrodynamic problem for line contacts and Newtonian fluids under steady-state conditions. [Related project]
Jul 1995
KADMOS Engineering Ltd (UK)

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