Collaborators and sponsors of Dr Nikas' research

Busak+Shamban (UK)
Department of Trade and Industry (UK)
Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (UK)
European Union
IC Consultants Ltd (UK)
Imperial College London (UK), Mechanical Engineering Department, Tribology Group
Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and the Jacob Wallenberg Foundation (Sweden)
Polymer Sealing Solutions (UK) (including former Forsheda, Dowty Seals and TISPP UK Ltd)
SKF Engineering & Research Centre B.V. (The Netherlands)
Smiths Group (including Smiths Aerospace Mechanical Systems (UK) and Smiths Aerospace Actuation Systems (UK))
Torotrak (Development) Ltd (UK)
Trelleborg Sealing Solutions (UK and Sweden)
National Technical University of Athens (Hellas), School of Mechanical Engineering

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