Paper: Fundamentals of sealing and tribology of hydraulic reciprocating seals.

Author: George K. Nikas

Published in: Proceedings of the 1-day seminar "Focus on Reciprocating Seals" (organised by the Tribology Group of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, London, England, 25 June 2008).

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The paper examines some fundamental performance and tribological issues of hydraulic reciprocating seals. Topics include the solution of the elastohydrodynamic and contact mechanics problem of polymeric and composite seals, the modelling of seal extrusion and anti-extrusion rings, seal elasticity and its effect on sealing performance, modelling of tandem seals, rotary vane seals, transient effects in lubrication, as well as performance evaluation in terms of leakage, friction, extrusion and wear, followed by optimization.

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