Paper: Elastohydrodynamic lubrication - a qualitative approach to the problem.

Author: George K. Nikas (article compiled by the Journal's Editor)

Published in: Journal of the Hellenic Association of Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, 1997, 302, 61-62. Featured article in Greek, based on the author's Mechanical Engineering Diploma thesis; invited and compiled by the Editor of the Journal.

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This article is based on George K. Nikas' Diploma thesis "Elastohydrodynamic lubrication and minimization of dynamic loading of spur gears". The Diploma thesis was compiled in 1994 in the "Mechanical Design and Automatic Control" section of the School of Mechanical Engineering in the National Technical University of Athens, supervised by Dr T. Costopoulos. Product of the thesis can be considered the developed computer software, which deals with the calculation of a pair of cooperating spur gears optimised in terms of their dynamic loading, with resulting reduction in noise during operation and increased life expectancy of the gears.

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