Project: Jacob Wallenberg Foundation grant for research in materials science.


Researcher: Dr George K. Nikas (Mechanical Engineering Department)

Supervisor: Mr Per Storm, Secretary to IVA.

Project duration: 12 months (2007-2008).

Grant: 7,400 (100,000 SEK).

Final report: A technical report was compiled by Dr Nikas for the sponsors. The 23-page report presents the research work completed by Dr Nikas during the period of the grant.

PowerPoint presentation: An introductory PowerPoint presentation was made by Dr Nikas at the SKF's Club House in Slottsviken, Sweden, on the 30th of October 2007.


Dr Nikas was awarded a Jacob Wallenberg Foundation grant in May 2007 to continue his research in materials science. A grant of 100,000 SEK (about 7,400) is given to one or two researchers worldwide annually. Dr Nikas gladly accepted the grant and made an introductory presentation about his scientific research at the SKF's Club House in Slottsviken, Sweden, on the 30th of October 2007, invited by the SKF Group CEO and President Tom Johnstone, chairman of the Jacob Wallenberg Foundation board. The grant was received in November 2007 and a final report on the work done was submitted in October 2008.

    Dr Nikas was free to choose the topics of his research and how to spend the money of the grant. In summary, during the 12-month period of the grant, Dr Nikas completed the following tasks.

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