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Grant (GBP)

11 2007-2008 Jacob Wallenberg Foundation grant on research in materials science
Jacob Wallenberg Foundation (Sweden)

Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (Sweden)

10 2005-2007 FOREMOST: Fullerene-based opportunities for robust engineering: Making optimised surfaces for tribology. Work packages 2.2 (Tribological mapping of rolling contacts) and 2.4 (Tribological mapping of fretting contacts)
European Union plus a consortium of 31 European companies and Universities 209,000
9 2003-2004 Research of fundamental sealing mechanisms needed for zero-leakage high-reliability rotary vane actuators

Busak+Shamban (Trelleborg Sealing Solutions) (UK)

Smiths Aerospace Mechanical Systems (UK)

Department of Trade and Industry (UK)

8 2000-2002 Traction modelling for a toroidal CVT Torotrak (Development) Ltd (UK)

Department of Trade and Industry (UK)

IC Consultants Ltd (UK)

7 1999-2001 Determination of polymeric sealing principles for end user high reliability

Smiths Aerospace Actuation Systems - Cheltenham (UK)

Smiths Aerospace Actuation Systems - Wolverhampton (UK)

Polymer Sealing Solutions Ltd (UK)

Department of Trade and Industry (UK)

6 1998-1999 Development of a contact fatigue model for Continuously Variable Transmissions Torotrak (Development) Ltd (UK)

Department of Trade and Industry (UK)

5 1994-1999 Theoretical modelling of the entrainment and thermomechanical effects of contamination particles in elastohydrodynamic contacts Imperial College London - Mech. Eng. Dept. (UK)

SKF Engineering & Research Centre B.V. (The Netherlands)


4 1997-1998 A study of lubrication mechanisms using 2-phase fluids with porous bearing materials Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) (UK) 46,551
3 1996 Particle entrapment in an EHD contact of a ball rolling-sliding on a flat surface SKF Engineering & Research Centre B.V. (The Netherlands) 1,000
2 1996 Trajectories of particles in sliding contacts SKF Engineering & Research Centre B.V. (The Netherlands) part of (3)
1 1994 Elastohydrodynamic lubrication and minimization of dynamic loading of spur gears National Technical University of Athens (Greece)


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